LED downlights LED panels

LED down light are available in warm white, neutral white and cool white color. LED downlight modules screw into your existing fixtures with little to no modification depending on the fixture and base type. This gets rid of unsightly gaps and airflow that wastes energy and increases energy costs. After you know which size you need, consider the location and what the space will be used for. In spaces where you want more light, look for a lumen light fixture. A higher wattage will usually give off more lumens, but within the same wattage there can be some variation. We’ve divided the products out by Watt equivalent. A 75 Watt equal LED downlight is comparable in light output to a 75 Watt incandescent.

Led panel 3W

3W Led panel

Led panel 6W

6W Led panel

Led panel 12W

12W Led panel

Led panel 18W

18W Led panel

Led panel 24W

24W LED panel

Led panel square 3W

3W LED panel square

Led panel square 6W

6W LED panel square

Led panel square 12W

12W LED panel square

Led panel square 18W

18W LED panel square

Led panel square 24W

24W LED panel square

Led downlight 3W3W LED downlight Led downlight 5W

5W LED downlight

Led downlight 9W

9W LED downlight

Led downlight 12W

12W LED downlight

Thinking about how the space is utilized will help you pick color temperature. Lower Kelvin light bulbs are warmer, giving off a yellow glow similar to incandescents or the glow from a fireplace. Higher Kelvin bulbs are a stark white or blue. This light is better for concentration, reading, and task lighting.
A beautiful and attractive design of LED spot and downlights, will certainly convince you to buy.Installation of LED downlights is really simple. The 3W LED Downlight widely using in shopping mall, guesthouse, hotel, museums, art galleries, meeting room, exhibition, etc……

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