Led lights

LedicaLedica – LED lights

Led lights for home, offices, halls, commercial, restaurants and manufacturing facilities.

 LED bulb Optima

LED Optima bulb

Optima LED lights are the simplest upgrade of energy-inefficient light bulbs with new LED technology, because they have the same E27 plug and they are similar size. This means that you can keep all the current lighting installations and just upgrade it with stylish design LED light bulbs. Due to the extraordinary luminosity in the warm white light tone, Ledica lights can directly replace traditional light bulbs with power up to 100 W. Ledica provides nearly 10 times savings in power consumption.
Product ID: Led Optima E27 lights
  LED lights bulbs

Led bulbs light E40

New attractive design of Ledica bulbs Corn lights. Distinguished by the massive construction and incredible luminosity. 1 watt of electricity power generates over 100 lumens of light. Longer life span and lights use less electricity. LED Ledica Corn bulbs E40 is a suitable replacement for the classic halogen or incadescent bulbs.
Product ID: Led lights bulbs E40
  LED floodlights

Led Floodlights

High illumimation Ledica LED floodlights, no UV, no radiation, IP65, water proof, dust proof, corrosion proof.IP65 od IP66 protection.Color temperature led floodlights: Warm white(2700K), Neutral white (4500K) or Cool white (6000K)
Product ID: Led floodlights Ledica

Led spot lights

Led spotlights bulbs

GU10 LED bulbs are used for spots, recessed lighting, and for all 220V lamps with GU10 lamp holder.
Product ID: Led spot lights bulbs GU10
  LED Tubes

Led tubes

Replacement for the standard T8 fluorescent lights. Consumes half the energy of standard fluorescent T8 lights, with the same luminosity. It does not need additional devices to run, and is cheaper to maintain. Lifetime of LED T8 lamps is up to five times longer than conventional T8 lights.
Product ID: Led tube lights

 Ceiling/Panel lights

Ceiling/Panel lights

Ceiling/Panel LED lights are suitable for mounting on a wall or ceiling. They are great substitute for the chandeliers.
Product ID: Ceiling/Panel lights



A beautiful and attractive design of LED spot and downlights, will certainly convince you to buy. Installation of LED downlights is really simple.
Product ID: Spot/Downlights

 Led lights 2G11, G24

Led lights G24

Suitable replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps. Up to five times longer lifetime and up to 70% less power consumption.
Product ID: Led lights G24
led strips

Led strips

Wide choice of LED strips.
Product ID: Led strips

LEDs are better at placing light in a single direction than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Because of their directional output, they have unique design features that can be exploited by clever designs. LED strip lights can be installed under counters, in hallways, and in staircases; concentrated arrays can be used for room lighting. Waterproof, outdoor fixtures are also available. Some manufacturers consider applications such as gardens, walkways, and decorative fixtures outside garage doors to be the most cost-efficient.
LED lights are more rugged and damage-resistant than compact fluorescents and incandescent bulbs. LED lights don’t flicker. They are very heat sensitive; excessive heat or inappropriate applications dramatically reduce both light output and lifetime.

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