Led spotlight GU10 3W

Recycling led spotlight

Led spotlight 3W GU10

Led spotlights, look just like their traditional halogen spotlights. They consume up to 90% less electricity at the same intensity. Suitable replacement for a 25W classical halogen spot light.
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Led spotlight Ledica GU10 3W

Power: 3W
Flux: 300LM
Beam angle: 25°
Size: Ф50*61mm mm
Input Voltage.: AC175-265V
Socket: GU10
Material: alu.+thermoplastic
Brand: Ledica lights
Model: 1x3W led spot light

5 years warranty
Products rate:

4.9/5 (10)

LED bulbs spot-lights GU10: warm white (2800K), neutral white (4500K) and cool white(6000K). LED bulb is an easy way to upgrade your 25-watt halogen spotlight. While saving you up to 90% on energy consumption in your home or business all year long. The light bulb is supplied with electric current by feed-through terminals or wires embedded in the glass. Most bulbs are used in a socket which provides mechanical support and electrical connections. The best part is LED spot lights can come in all shapes and sizes just like an incandescent. Efficiency of up to 100 lumens per wat. Low power consumption and high durability. No other facilities or structures required.

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3W led žarnica GU10 LED lampe 3W GU10 3W LED žarulja GU10 Прожектор светодиодные лампы GU10 3W faretti a led gu10 3W 3W Bombillas LED GU10 L'AMPOULE LED 3W

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Lihgt color of led spotlight GU10: Warm white(2800-3000K) Neutral white(4000-4500K) White light(6000-6500K)
Spotlight - color light
Economical and environmentally friendly solution to a new generation with broad applications in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and public buildings. Completely replace ordinary incandescent bulb. Easy installation, long service life.

Application area:

– kitchen
– bedrooms
– living room
– bathroom
– hallway
– staircase
– basement


  • Efficient replacement of traditional bulbs
  • Wide distribution of even and stable light
  • Economic- low power consumption
  • Repeated switch on/off does not effect the fixture lifespan
  • Instant light at maximum luminous flux
  • Environmentally friendly – no mercury and lead
  • No ultraviolet and infrared rays
  • Resistant to shock and vibration stable body
  • Voltage supply fluctuations do not affect the normal operation of the bulbs
  • LED Ledica bulbs GU10 look just like their traditional incandescent counterparts. Thanks to a unique new LED technology that allows for very small LED emitters to be arranged in a linear style package. The Ledica LED flodlights is the perfect a-shaped lamp for overhead lighting applications, such as ceiling fans and pendants, that are used in residential, hospitality and commercial environments.

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