Led Tubes T8, T5

Led T5 tubes

T5 LED Light tubes are excellent replacements for the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes. That you can find mostly in offices and stores. LED light tubes have a much longer life time than the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes. Which reaches up to 80,000 hours, equivalent to 8,000 to 10,000 working days. Saving up to 50% of energy, in comparison to the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes, they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. The biggest advantage of the T5 LED light tubes is that they solve the problem of faculae, heat elimination and light fade.

Led tube T5 4W4W LED tube T5 Led tube T5 8W8W LED tube T5 Led tube T5T5 led tube 12W Led tube 16W T5T5 led tube 16W
Led tube T5 20W20W LED tube T5 Led tubes T5
Usage of led lamp T5

Led T8 tubes

Up to 50% of energy savings, in comparison to the traditional T8 fluorescent light tubes, they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. Ballast bypass T8 LED tube lights are designed for installation in LED ready fixtures and fixtures with non-shunted sockets operating directly on 120-277V. With ballast compatible T8 LED tube lights, you can plug-and-play into fluorescent fixtures. It is the ideal LED energy saving lamp due to its low power consumption, non-ultraviolet and infrared, low thermal radiation, high light efficiency and low attenuation. As AC converts to DC directly, it has high color rendering index without stroboscopic. LED Tube Lights make a perfect upgrade for your existing lighting systems. Replace your conventional light tubes with energy-saving LED technology in an easy.

Led tube T8 9W9W LED tube T8 Led tube T5 8W18W LED tube T8 Led tube T8 150cmT8 led tube 23W

Led fixture T8 tubes

If your lighting is outdated or if it is not in the proper location, your best bet would be to go with new LED fixtures. This is the expensive option, but usually results in the best long term energy savings. There is also a major advantage to having a fixture that is designed specifically for LED versus retrofitting a fluorescent fixture to LED.
Led tube fixture:

Led one T8 fixture 60cmLED one T8 fixture 60cm Led 1xT8 fixture 120cmLED one fixture 120cm Led 1xT8 fixture 150cmLED one T8 fixture 150cm Led two T8 fixture 60cmLED two T8 fixture 60cm
Led two T8 fixture 120cmLED two T8 fixture 120cm Led two T8 fixture 150cmLED two T8 fixture 150cm Led 2xT8 fixture 60cm2X T8 tube fixture 60cm Led 2xT8 fixture 120cm2X T8 tube fixture 120cm
Led 2xT8 fixture 150cm2X T8 tube fixture 150cm Led 4xT8 fixture 60cmTube fixture 4x T8 60cm Led 2xT8 fixture 60cmBuilt-in tube fixture T8 60cm Led 2xT8 fixture 120cmBuilt-in tube fixture T8 120cm
Led 2xT8 fixture 150cmBuilt-in tube fixture T8 150cm Led 4xT8 fixture 60cm built-inBuilt-in tube fixture 4x T8 60cm
Brand of led lights fixture tube Ledica. 2 year quality guaranteed by Ledica.

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