Street lights Ledica – Made in Slovenia

Ultra slim housing made of high grade Al with optimized heat conductivity properties. Powerd coated in DB703 high protective color. Exchangeable LED engine with latest generation of high power LED light sources. Dedicated specially designed LED lense system for different lighting applications. High quality ENEC certified components. Easy to access in pole driving gear. Different dimming options available on request. Standard post top mounting for 60 diameter pole, 76 diameter on request.

Street light:

Street light


Led street light


Professional street light

Professional STREET LIGHT

Professional led street light

Professional led street light

Led streetlight round

Streetlight round

Led street light round

Street light round

Led street floodlight

Street floodlight



Led streetlight

Led Streetlight

Slim Housing made of high grade Al with optimized heat.
Conductivity properties and integrated enclosed electronics.
Powder coated in DB 703 high protective color.
Exchangeable LED engine with latest high power generation.
LED light sources and special designed LED lense system.
– Parks
– Squares
– Parkings
– Streets
Optics: MES,CE
Dimming Dali (on request)
Standard -50% dimming
1-10V, 0-10VLed streetlight warranty

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