100% Recycling led street light

Streetlight 50W 70W

Sophisticated design, minimalism and personalization of colors are the key features of the revolutionary LED luminaires I series. Suitable for all illumination tasks in modern urban environments. Integrated design approach, utilising the Ledica development system, provides one of the best cost benefit lighting solutions on the market. Using only best components gives customer the security of 5 years warranty.
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BUY led street light Ledica.

Led street light 50W-70W

Lumen: 6950lm 9730lm
Size: 350*350*45 mm
Voltage: AC85-265V
Lifetime: 100 thousand hours
Protection: IP67(water proof, dust proof, corrosion proof)
Brand: Ledica lights
Model: Street lights 50W-70W

5 year warranty
Products rate:

4.9/5 (20)

Ultra slim housing made of high grade Al with optimized heat conductivity properties. Powder coated in DB703 high protective color. Exchangeable LED engine with latest generation of high power LED light sources. Dedicated specially designed LED lense system for different lighting applications. High quality ENEC certified components. Easy to access in pole driving gear. Different dimming options available on request. Standard post top mounting for 60 diameter pole, 76 diameter on request.

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Only the best products on the market by Ledica.

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Led street-light:

Street light


Led street light


Professional street light

Professional STREET LIGHTS

Professional led street light

Professional led street-light

Led streetlight round

Streetlight round

Led street light round

Street-light round

Led street floodlight

Street floodlight



Led streetlight

Led Streetlight

Application area:

– streets
– Commercial areas
– parks
– Squares
– Parking lots

– Efficient replacement of traditional halogen and metal-halide lights
– Wide distribution of even and stable light
– Economic- low power consumption
– Repeated switch on/off does not effect the fixture lifespan
– Instant light at maximum luminous flux
– Environmentally friendly – no mercury and lead
– No ultraviolet and infrared rays
– Resistant to shock and vibration stable body
– Voltage supply fluctuations do not affect the normal operation of the streetlight

Street led light are typically placed on the 60 diameter pole or in outdoor spaces such as sports fields to light up an area. This can be done to improve visibility and to promote better safety and security. Lights can be used for domestic and commercial use for each of these reasons. A streetlight creates a large beam of light which can be run constantly or via a motion sensor to save energy and act as a deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers on private property. Streetlight is designed to be robust and bright and most commonly seen in a bright white light.

Color temperature street light: Warm white(2700K), Neutral white (4500K) or Cool white (6000K)
Color of light

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